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Sling Point Firearms
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Sling Point Firearms Inc & Threat Solution Llc
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Cash America Pawn Of Lexington
158 E New Circle Rd
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Ideal Products Inc
700 East Loudon Ave
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Doctor Scents Outfitters
845 Lane Allen Rd Ste 15
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Mister Money Usa Of Lexington #61
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Dans Discount Jewelry & Pawn
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Leach Gunsmithing
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Dans Discount Jewelry & Pawn
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Swarovski Z6 Rifle Scope Review

The name Swarovski is synonymous with quality. A company that has worked diligently to earn its reputation in producing the finest optics in the world launched its new Z6 rifle scopes in 2007. Spectacular in every aspect, they offer a unique range in magnification and field of view, unparalleled clarity, and increased eye relief.

Serious hunters know that a top-of-the-line scope can literally make or break a hunt. Unless you're independently wealthy most of us have to think twice about dropping the cash on optics of this caliber, but ask anyone who owns a Swarovski product and they never regret their decision. I recently added the Z6 2-12x50 L rifle scope to my own collection. I opted for the Z6 2-12x50 L with the TDS-PLEX reticle to facilitate long range shooting accuracy. Although the Z6 is also available with an inherent illumination system, I chose to go with the basic model. My plan was to first put this new scope to the test during the 2007 spring black bear season in Alberta.

Arriving at my doorstep just in time for bear season, I had only a week to marry the scope with my rifle and then familiarize myself with it. After only a few shots I was hooked. At risk of sounding overzealous, this rifle scope was hands down the finest I'd ever used. Let me say that I'm one of the first to question overenthusiastic writers when they review a given product. There are usually positives and negatives about anything. But the fact is the Z6 stands out above the rest. Literally, the only drawback I found is its marginally larger size (the 2-12x50 L weighs in at 520 g /18.3 oz.). Here's why I like it so much. From its Swarotop® reflection-reducing coating, to its fine zero point adjustment features for elevation and windage, to its dioptric correction ring that facilitates crystal clear focusing, this scope is loaded with ideal features.

The 6x zoom facilitates larger field of view and greater magnification range and this translates into more flexibility for the shooter. Until you try one, it will be difficult to comprehend the full value in the extended field of view. The first of its kind, the new Z6 is the world's premier line of 30 mm rifle scopes with 6x zoom. What does this mean? Zoom refers to the adjustable range of magnification of a scope. Most of us are familiar with the standard 3x or 4x zoom. Swarovski's new 6x zoom offers an even bigger field of view at the lowest magnification. Likewise, even at the highest magnification, these rifle scopes enable crisp image identification. In turn, the shooter, or hunter, benefits in many ways by maximizing the field of view and clarity of downrange target detail. I took my bear last spring at a distance of 225 yards at the full 12 times magnification and the scope brought the target image up close and personal allowing me to place a solid shoulder and forward lung shot to roll the bear on the spot.

Another benefit of the Z6 is greater eye relief. The exit pupil distance (eye relief) on my Z6 2-12...

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