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A&B Genl Svc Valentigun
138 Oak St
Yonkers, NY
All Counties Sporting Supplies Inc
677 Yonkers Ave
Yonkers, NY
Kimber Mfg Inc
1 Lawton St
Yonkers, NY
Accurate Sports
50 Tuckahoe Rd
Yonkers, NY
R G Gunsmithing Svc
46 Amherst Dr
Yonkers, NY
K & R Gun Distributors Inc
4 Bashford St
Yonkers, NY
Digiansante, Michele
34 College Pl
Yonkers, NY
Magnum Sports
562 Kimball Avenue
Yonkers, NY
33 Hamilton Ave
Mount Vernon, NY
Mount Vernon Shooting Center Inc
172-174 Gramatan Ave
Mount Vernon, NY

Keep Water/Snow Out of Your Rifle Barrel


I must admit that I have missed a big game animal with a rifle. And not only was it a bull elk, it was the largest bull that I have had in my sights with a tag in my hand. But, as with most "missed shot" stories, I have an excuse. Moisture doesn't really ever bode well for hunting equipment. When moisture (either rain or snow) gets into a firearms barrel, nothing good takes place. A couple rain drops down there can change the point of impact drastically and a barrel jammed with snow after a tumble could even pose a serious threat to one's safety. I am convinced I missed that bull because I had not paid attention to all the moisture that had made its way into my barrel on my hike in that morning. But there is a way of preventing this frustrating dilemma.

You need to put something over the end of your barrel that will keep moisture out but that will pop off when the air compresses in front of the moving projectile. I have achieved this through two methods. First, I have used standard black electrical tape. Two pieces criss-crossed has done the trick in the past. However I have now moved onto a new method. In the bandages section of your local grocery store you will find latex finger bandages. They are used as a sanitary precaution for fingers with open wounds. They are essentially a very small condom for your finger. I have slipped these over the muzzles of light to heavy contour barrels as well as muzzleloaders. I find this method even mo...

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Keeping Your Rifle Clean Afield

One of the things I struggle with when afield is keeping my rifle clean and in good working order. Small amounts of dust and dirt collect moisture; moisture can freeze rendering your action immovable when you need it most. I have seen this happen on multiple occasions, and over time, I’ve learned the cause and how to prevent this from happening.

The first thing that you need to avoid before going afield is leaving excess oil on the gun. Oil will trap dirt and sand in all the wrong places. Even though I’ve known folks that spray the entire firearm with a good blast of Rusty Duck or WD-40, this is never a good idea before a hunt. It is my belief that over oiling is the reason I’ve seen actions lock, or freeze up in the winter time. I’ve mostly seen this with pump shotguns.

The most effective thing I have found is to thoroughly clean the entire gun with solvent to remove grease and oil. This includes the magazine follower and spring even if you have a detachable magazine. Sometimes, I use a good blast of carb and choke cleaner; it really does most of the work for you. Once the cleaner has evaporated, you’re left with a clean bare-metal, which is desirable if you’ll be hunting the high plains, or in the “sandbox” where you’ll be exposed to heavy winds and excessive sand. But for the rest of the country, I apply a liberal amount of oil and then wipe all of the oil off the gun with a dry cloth.

In the field, I keep a small amount of electrical tape on the end of my muz...

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Organize Your Rifle Cleaning Supplies


So what does your rifle cleaning kit look like? Is it a mess of bore brushes, different solvents and oils? Here may be the answer for you. I’m not going to recommend on how to clean your rifle or shotgun since you should already know that but suggest a way for you to keep all your supplies organized and where you can find them without getting four or five different boxes out to get everything together. And if you are like me and have a half dozen different calibers and shotguns in the safe it will make sense to you.

What I have done is found a fishing tackle box that will hold everything that I need to clean a rifle, shotgun, and a pistol. You can use the separate trays to hold your brushes and mops and keep all the calibers separate so that you are not digging around trying to find that one for your .30 caliber rifle that you need to clean. You can use the bottom of the box to hold your solvents, oils, and patches and other things that are too large to fit into the smaller trays. This way all you need to grab when it comes time to clean up that rifle is your one piece cleaning rod, the cleaning box and the rifle or shotgun that needs a little bit of attention....

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