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Pronghorn: The Perfect Beginners' Big Game Animal

Imagine you were given the assignment of designing a perfect big game hunt for novice hunters. Your objective would be to make the hunt fun and exciting so the new hunter would come away with a lifelong love of hunting and the outdoors. It would be great if the hunt had some exotic appeal, something a little out of the ordinary so the new hunter wants to keep coming back for more. A high probability of success would be essential. No matter their age, beginning hunters don't want to wait several years to harvest an animal.

You'd probably want to eliminate most late season hunts. Dragging beginning hunters out into cold, wet, or snowy weather in pursuit of any animal carries high risk of disappointment. When someone is soaked and freezing it is hard to appreciate that it is the peak of the rut and you are holding out for a whopper.

Stand hunting probably isn't a great choice, unless it is an area crawling with game. Few things are more boring that sitting for hours, hoping that an animal will appear. That's especially true if you stick a first-time hunter alone in a tree stand and tell him you'll be back to pick him up in three or four hours. If an animal doesn't appear in the first few minutes, those hours are going to seem to take an eternity.

Forget about a wilderness hunt or one where you must backpack or camp in a tent. For someone not experienced in the outdoors, camping by itself can be stressful and frightening. I have a friend who introduced his brother to hunting by taking him on a backcountry elk hunt on horses. It snowed four feet the first night and the younger brother was convinced they would never make it out alive. In five days they did not see an elk and the brother has never gone on another hunt.

Chances are, no matter what criteria you defined for this perfect beginners' big game hunt, pronghorn antelope would rise to the top of the list.

The only real drawback of hunting pronghorns is that they are limited to the western third of the United States. But they still range over many states and populations have increased to the point that they are a nuisance in many areas.

Here are some of the factors, traits and behaviors that make pronghorn antelope a great choice as a first big game animal for beginning hunters:

Highly visible - Pronghorns prefer open country so they can see any approaching danger a long ways off. This also makes it possible for hunters to see them from long distances. Unlike other animals whose coloration blends in with the surroundings, pronghorns have a white rump patch that tends to stand out like a pimple on a prom date.

In wide open country even hunters with minimal experience in spotting game have little trouble picking out herds of antelope. My two-year-old granddaughter came along on an early fall ranch hunt for pronghorns this year. She had no trouble spotting them in the alfalfa fields several hundred yards away.

Spot and stalk - The fact that they are easy to see means the best huntin...

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Nebraska Hunting Regulations

Age Requirement:

A person under the age of twelve years who is accompanied by a person nineteen years of age or older having a valid hunting permit may hunt. However, you must be at least twelve years of age to hunt antelope, elk, or mountain sheep, and any person who is twelve through fifteen years of age shall only hunt antelope, elk, or mountain sheep when supervised by a person nineteen years of age or older having a valid hunting permit. No person shall hunt deer unless such person is at least ten years of age, and any person who is ten through fifteen years of age shall only hunt deer when supervised by a person nineteen years of age or older having a valid hunting permit.

Education Requirement:

Hunter Education all Hunters, age 12 through age 29, must have on their person, proof of completion of Firearm Hunter Education while hunting with either a firearm or crossbow. Hunters, age 12 through age 29, hunting deer, antelope, elk or mountain sheep with bow and arrow must carry proof of completion of Bow Hunter Education. Apprentice Hunter Education Exemption Certificate - Hunters age 12 through age 29 who have NOT completed a Firearm Hunter and or Bow Hunter Education course and want to give hunting a try, under limited conditions, may obtain an “apprentice hunter education exemption certificate” from the Commission. This exemption is to provide the novice hunter an opportunity to try hunting and receive training from an experienced hunter prior to making the commitment of completion of the required hunter education training, so - A hunter using an ”apprentice exemption” must be accompanied at all times while hunting. This “apprentice exemption” can only be obtained once in each persons life time, expires on December 31st of the year obtained and may be renewed only once. The fee is $5. In Nebraska any firearm or crossbow hunter under age 12,or those hunters age 12 through age 29 using an apprentice hunter education exemption certificate, must be accompanied at all times while hunting. Accompanied is defined as: in the presence of a licensed “experienced” hunter age 19 or older, if that hunter is age 19 through age 29 they must carry on thier person proof they have completed the hunter/bowhunter education course. There can be no more than 2 hunters under age 12 or using an “apprentice exemption” accompanied by the “experienced” hunter at any time and the “experienced” hunter must at all times be in unaided visual and verbal communication with the child under age 12 and or the “apprentice” hunter age 12 through age 29. Please note that all hunters must also purchase and have on their person any and all required permits, licenses and stamps while hunting in addition to meeting the hunter education requirements.

Bow Education Required:


Orange Required: