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(715) 832-2852
4030 Commonwealth Ave.
Eau Claire, WI
Monday - Saturday10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am to 09:00 pm

Stone Tree
(715) 832-0899
204 Water St
Eau Claire, WI
Craft Shoppe
(715) 839-4909
1616 Bellinger St
Eau Claire, WI
Honey Bears
(715) 832-3593
620 Galloway St
Eau Claire, WI
Truckers Union
(715) 834-6885
413 Water St
Eau Claire, WI
Crossroad Books
(715) 831-9788
301 S Barstow St
Eau Claire, WI

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(715) 855-9140
410 Water St
Eau Claire, WI
Avalon European Floral
(715) 838-8880
430 Water St
Eau Claire, WI
Senior Center L E Phillips
(715) 839-4909
1616 Bellinger St
Eau Claire, WI
Vintage Hearts
(715) 552-5299
312 Water St
Eau Claire, WI
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Hunting Journal


How many of you out there keep a journal of your hunting trips or outings? I started to about 20 years ago and then moved them from a journal to a story that I will send out to my friends so that they can enjoy the time as well. I'll aslo put into the journal the scouting trips that go along with the hunts of limited or once in a lifetime hunts. 

I have found that if you buy a small notebook that fits into your shirt pocket and take it with you when you head out is the easiest way to keep notes of where you went along with what you see on the hill side. This notebook along with a pen or pencil will soon become a handy item that will not be left behind when you head out into the field. Also just think of how many times that you wished that you had a piece of paper and something to write with. I know that I use to use some business cards and a tip of a bullet when I needed to leave a note. Also here in Colorado you must sign your carcass tag after you make the kill so the pen could come in handy. 

If you do it this way you will never have to wonder just where you went and what you saw while tring to remember when someone asks you about it. Along with having some notes to refer to when you write up that big buck story here on Big Game Hunt. ...

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